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The conference venue will be Listvyanka, an urban-type settlement situated seventy kilometers from Irkutsk, near the point where the Angara River leaves Lake Baikal. Irkutsk and Listvyanka are connected by a highway with usually low traffic, so you need not more than an hour to get to the place.


 position of Listvyanka


The highlights of Listvyanka include (but are not limited to) Baikal Lake view, Shaman Rock, Baikal Museum, aquarium with Baikal seal -- Nerpa. On the way to Listvyanka, there is the Museum of wooden architecture. At local Fish market, you will try home-made delicacies -- Baikal endemic fish (omul, sig, harius) -- smoked, salted, and dry. Though a place of high degree of wilderness, Listvyanka has wire and mobile telephone service, hotels, shops, restaurants, bistros, sauna, sport equipment renting service, and satellite TV.

Lake Baikal is called the "Pearl of Siberia", being the greatest reservoir of freshwater in the world. See more information at . In July-August, the wether in Listvyanka is the most favorable. The temperature of water is about 12-14° C.


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