The most usual way to reach Irkutsk is to fly by airplane.  Irkutsk airport has two separate nearby terminals for domestic and international airlines. There are 5 daily flights from Moscow, whereas connections with other cities, including international flights, are far less frequent (to be improved in the summer period). The airport is assigned code IKT and listed in all major ticket offices (type "air ticket russia" in any Internet search system to obtain a list of sites). The airport is situated within the city so you need not much time to get to any destination in Irkutsk. Due to its location the airport is known by its short runway making a demand to aircraft's braking system at landing.

flight directions

Another way to reach Irkutsk is to travel by train via Trans-Siberian railway. You will find a great number of ticket suppliers by searching in the Internet with "train tickets russia". Please notice that Russian Railways are not so much integrated in international business so you may need to register your electronic tickets or make additional payments and hold conversation in Russian.

railway station


We try to meet in the point of arrival all attendees who had made the corresponding request in Registration Form. Look for a person with the plate 'IEEE SIBIRCON'. Follow this person's instructions. If you cannot find the person or find yourself in unexpected situation, use the following emergency calls:

  • +7 902 5126 669   Taras Madzhara  (Irkutsk resident)
  • +7 924 6025 852   Anna Lempert     (Irkutsk resident)
  • +7 913 934 55 86  Andrey Fionov    (Irkutsk  non-resident)

We organize taxi transportation to Listvyanka with rigid prices 1300 or 1600 rubles per car for usual car and minivan, respectively. The meeting person will pay to the driver for those attendees who have no rubles. We expect that they return their shares in US dollars or Euro at registration.

There will also be free conference buses from the airport to Listvyanka with the following schedule:

  • July 10, for 11:10 AM and earlier flights (capacity 16 persons)
  • July 10, for 3:15 PM and earlier flights (capacity 16 persons)
  • July 11, for 5:30 AM and earlier flights (capacity 32 persons)
  • July 11, for 11:10 AM and earlier flights (capacity 16 persons)

Do not forget to tell the name of hotel you are going to (the majority of attendees who booked through the Organizing Committee will live in "Pribaikalskaya", this is the first hotel en route).

Be sure that the Organizing Committee traces all flight delays, so the schedule will be adjusted correspondingly. No one attendee should be lost.

Important: Generally, you need cash in Russia. We suggest to bring about 20000 rubles or equivalent in USD or Euro. There are limited bank cards capabilities in Listvyanka. Moreover, on Saturday and Sunday, as well as in early hours, all exchange offices in Irkutsk will be closed.

It is complicated to travel to the destination by their own for non-Russian speaking people. So the following instructions are intended mainly for Russian citizens and are given in Russian. If you can read these you can try to get to the place by your own.


От автовокзала (ул. Октябрьской Революции, 11) до посёлка Листвянка ежедневно ходит автобус №524.

Отправление: 9:00, 11:00, 14:30, 16:30, 17:00, 19:05.

Обратные рейсы от остановки в п. Листвянка: 7:00, 11:00, 13:00, 17:00, 19:05, 20:00.

Стоимость проезда 100 руб. Время в пути -- один час.

Автобус нужно будет просить остановить у поворота на Прибайкальскую (левый поворот от Байкальского тракта, указатель "Прибайкальская" присутствует) и далее подняться до самой гостиницы.

До автовокзала можно добраться:

  1. От центрального рынка трамваем №4 (остановка "Центральный рынок" на ул. Партизанская  (карта)
  2. От ж.д. вокзала автобусом №64


До центрального рынка можно добраться:

  1. От аэропорта: автобусами №90, №78, №41, маршрутками №48, №61, №91. И автобусы и маршрутки прибывают на улицу Байкальская, параллельную той, с которой уходит трамвай на автовокзал (карта). Остановки в аэропорту расположены напротив аэровокзалов международных и внутренних линий.  Практически весь транспорт, за исключением автобуса 78, уходит от остановок напротив аэровокзала международных линий.
  2. От ж.д. вокзала: трамваями  №1,  №2  (карта) (они прибывают на ост. "Центральный рынок" по ул. Тимирязева, перпендикулярно Партизанской, с которой уходит трамвай №4 до автовокзала; автобусами №80, маршрутками №20, №49, №83, №85, №94, №95 (они прибывают на остановку "Центральный рынок" по ул. Дзержинского (карта)).


Вызов такси по жёсткому тарифу: тел. 222 222, ключевое слово: SIBIRCON 2010.





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